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It is a great honour to meet you here on my profile and to accompany you.

I was made aware of my spirituality at a very early age and in the course of my life I became more and more aware of my spiritual gifts, my psychic abilities and my universal access.

All of these abilities have been greatly enhanced by crossing over twice into the soul world and back to earth, and I have been given an even greater spiritual source to see, feel and hear people´s thoughts even more clearly.

Once I establish an energetic connection with you to interpret visions, answer questions, fill you with light and energy, touch your soul and awaken your inner strengths, I can advise you to make the right decisions and choose the right path for you.

Through my energy, visions and otherworldly contacts, matrix, tarot and my life experience, I will guide you sensitively in a live coaching session step by step through all life situations and situations to holistic success.

I will accompany you, advise you and answer your questions so that together we can shape reality according to your wishes and ideas with spiritual support. With your personal and authentic self.

I am already looking forward to your call.

Your Alexandra, Countess of Königsberg

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As a compassionate shaman, I have been accompanying kind-hearted individuals in the realm of love, partner reunification, and dissolution of negative energies for a long time. Even without tools, I help overcome blockages and guide you with a lot of heart in all areas of life.

Dear Seeker,

My name is Stefan, and I warmly welcome you.

As a shaman and life advisor with intuitive abilities, I am here to support you without relying on tools. With my many years of experience, I can uncover hidden blockages to help you overcome obstacles. With great compassion, I accompany you on your journey and stand by your side in all areas of life, especially in matters of love, reuniting partners, success, and personal development.

From a young age, I have felt a deep connection to animals, nature, and the spiritual world, which continue to be my teachers to this day.

For several years, I have been practicing shamanism intensively. Through various rituals, I have continued to discover and develop my own power. I am happy to use this power for the benefit of all beings in this world and would be delighted to share it with you.

Over time, my clairvoyance has also evolved and deepened. Through a deep look into your innermost being, I can bring hidden things to light.

I am happy to answer your questions using the shamanic soul oracle or the runes. I assist you in releasing blockages and cleansing your chakras.

With my empathetic and solution-oriented guidance, I am here for you at all times.

My services include:
- Partner reunification
- Shamanic consultation in connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky
- Consulting the soul oracle with cards or runes
- Dissolving negative energies
- Spiritual coaching
- Clairvoyance without tools
- Cleansing of chakras
- Resolving blockages

I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you.

Warm regards,

Your Stefan

Never judge a person until you've walked a mile in their moccasins.
(Native American Wisdom)

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Experienced card reader with over 10 years of practice. Lenormand & Moon cards. Yoga, Astrology, Meditation & Breathwork teacher. Honest consultation. Enhanced with the power of crystals & herbs, I support you on your path to well-being.

Hello and welcome to my profile.

My name is Danae.

For over 10 years I have been working as a yoga and meditation teacher, which has led me to astrology and card reading. My interests and gifts in the field of spirituality as well as the health and wellness sectors have been inherited down by my family, who inspired and supported me from an early age.

In my work, I integrate the power of herbs and crystals into my consultations, so that you can continue to work with yourself even after our conversation. I constantly educate myself to increase my range of holistic methods.

I have the gift of relaxing my clients with my empathic and honest character and providing clarity, especially in the topics of love, relationships and dating. During our conversation, I also offer card reading as well as meditations and breathing exercises. These exercises can help you fall asleep and relax, as well as improve your concentration and energy. They are individually tailored to your needs and can promote your well-being on all levels.

Through my diverse experiences, I view people as a whole: emotionally and physically. This holistic approach allows us to not only find answers to your questions through the Lenormand and Moon cards, but also to get to know and accompany you on a deeper level. By combining my abilities in card reading, pendulum, and my ongoing further education, I can provide comprehensive support to you.

Additionally, I read your birth horoscope to gain deeper insights into your personality and life path. The astrological information helps us to identify your individual strengths, challenges and life path.

Let's walk the path to greater clarity and well-being together through my diverse methods. Trust in my long-standing experience to achieve your personal goals and understand yourself better.

I look forward to meeting you.

Yours, Danae

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Partnership analyses, character traits and tendencies. Determining the right time for important projects. No taboos. Competent and accurate advice. Use my knowledge for important decisions.

It´s not important what we do, but when we do it! I´ll help you again. It will be the foundation of a new life. Don´t miss this transformation and follow your quality of time.

My name is Valentine. Born on February 14th - maybe because of this? During my 20 years of living in Germany, especially during my childhood, I was always curious about the cosmos, the world and its natural laws. I was convinced that there was a real life with immense possibilities behind it. So I started traveling, continued learning and later met my love and married.

I naturally enjoy helping people. Over time, I began to learn astrology, live it and create my own horoscope. It´s not just a technique. Knowledge, intuition and a lot of experience become more important over time. Of course, I already had some gifts in my cradle, just like you.

Since astrology mainly has to do with times, you first have to experience life yourself in order to be able to communicate it to others and offer help. It is also directly related to psychology. Everything is just assumptions. There is no good or bad, it is about the characteristics and qualities of the person.

I´ll show you in all your facets who you are, what you can do and the people you deal with. What makes other people tick? First class interpretation. There is also the wonderful extra, all your phases with special days for a lifetime. And I explain everything in detail in German and English.
There´s almost nothing I can´t help with. Because nothing is stronger than the law of nature, in which I am now an expert. Because we are part of this nature...

Our life consists of phases and every project has its time, its meaning, its meaning. What is important for me today and tomorrow? When is the best time for my love, friendship, work, etc. to last? When will my new love come? What is the secret of a lasting partnership, what phase am I in? Which ones are coming? Which days are my lucky and special days? What suits me and what doesn´t? What´s the secret?

You can find all this and much more in your personal horoscope. All subject areas with exact dates and special days! Only for you!

The topics mentioned below are just a few examples. Even more topics and possibilities in all areas, your characteristics, which you do not yet know yourself, only become visible after the personal horoscope has been created and analyzed.

Partnership, relationship, love: Who is my true love? Boyfriend, girlfriend, work colleague?

Private, social, business, partnership match, quality, duration, opportunities?

Job, career: When to start a job, study, change, hire employees. Which job suits me; Quality, duration, possibilities?

Health, physical and mental: losing weight, gaining weight, diet, meditation, important times.

Travel: In which country or city do I feel comfortable? How and when?

Moving, emigrating: In which country or city, what feelings and quality of life, where and when?

Believing, meditating: The meaning and extra meditation times and also many surprises.

Your personal stones, minerals, colors, flowers, scents.

Do you live your Life Really ?
Prepare yourself for the Real Happy Life !
Valentin is your Life Guard .
The Basic and the Secret is in the Birthtime!
By Birth Time Details we can see All Opportunities and much more with Date Subject and more ...

Expert in Astropsychology

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Hello my dears,

my name is Carina and I was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. My empathy has shown me a lot in my life that is often denied to others. I discovered my clairvoyance at an early age. Back then, I spent a lot of time with my family at Lake Garda. I was one of those children who spent the whole day in or near the water.

One of my favourite pastimes was throwing stones into the lake to observe the fascination of the circulating water. I initially kept the intuitions and visions that arose from this to myself.

It was only much later that I realised that my visions often came true and became reality. My Ascendant is Gemini and I am very grateful for this airy, light element in my nature.

The Gemini ascendant has allowed me to travel and get to know a wide variety of people and their stories. During this time, I have learnt to appreciate my clairvoyance and intuition and have used them with many friends and animals. In the second half of my life, I connected with the universe and the emerald light led me to Archangel Raphael. He supported me in accepting my inner visions. Like water, the colour of nature has inspired my life and shaped it in its perfection.

My gift is to give people a space and open their hearts. I am already looking forward to being able to advise and lovingly accompany you. Just as the water flows, your negative thoughts will flow away from you. They are like water - in constant motion and change.

Another very strong gift that I have due to my infinite love of animals is animal communication. As a little girl, I already had soul contact with my animals. This has continued to manifest and intensify to this day. Your animal will certainly be happy to tell me where its paw is pinching so that we can find a quick solution together.

I now live happily by the sea with loved ones and many animals. If it is meant to be, your intuition will lead you to me.

With love and gratitude

Your Carina

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Hello and welcome to my profile.

I am glad that your path has led you to me.

My name is Ava and I felt a deep connection to the universe early on in my childhood. My strong empathy and high sensitivity awakened in me an early desire to guide people to the answers of their lives and to accompany them with spiritual advice on their life´s journey.

For me, the Lenormand cards represent a portal into the subtle world. By reading the cards, I can give you insights into future and past events and reveal previously hidden perspectives.

Are you wondering whether someone is thinking of you? What changes are imminent in your career? Are you unsure about an important decision in your life?

No matter what the issue is: break-up pain, partner reunification, career issues, decision-making or personal growth - I am happy to be there for you and find a way forward with you. I am also happy to support you with the help of rituals and energy work to find a quick solution to your concerns.

It is my mission to give other people clarity and positive energy in a wide variety of life situations. Discretion, honesty and integrity are particularly important in my work - as well as a deep respect for interpersonal relationships and the hidden ways of the universe.

I am firmly convinced that every person has a very specific path and purpose in life. That is why, as a spiritual guide, it is particularly important to me to encourage you to listen to your own voice and to uncover paths with you that lead to harmony and peace in your life. I would like to give you the security to open up to me with your dreams, worries, wishes and personal concerns.

I look forward to getting to know you and working with you to bring light into the darkness.

Your Ava

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Discover your happiness with my relationship counselling and love readings. As a relationship coach, I offer you clear solutions and support through my clairvoyant gift, rituals and white magic. Affair counselling and partner reunification.

Hello and welcome.

Thank you for being here.

My name is Laila, and I am delighted that you have found your way to me.

Since I was a child, I have been deeply impressed by my grandfather´s gift of mediumship, who came from Rhodes. This special gift was passed on to me.

Even as a teenager, many people came to me for advice and support. It was amazing to see the positive changes in their lives after I came to their aid.

After graduating in sociology, I decided to train as a life counsellor. My clairvoyant abilities, the art of card reading and my sociological knowledge have made me an accurate fortune teller.

For over 25 years, I have mainly helped people in matters of the heart. But I am also your trusted contact for questions about money, career and future prospects.

I am not a magician and I don´t do hocus-pocus. But together with your strength and mine, we will find a path to happiness. Whether in marriage, affairs or on your journey to self-discovery.

Together we can do it!!!

I can guarantee you one thing: It won´t be boring with me.
It´s time for us to finally get to know each other.

Hopefully talk to you soon

Your Laila

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Light ambassador. Known from TV, specialist for soul partnership, relationships, profession & vocation, clairvoyance, card reading, astrology, looks into the timeline of your life.

Dear soul,

I´m glad you´ve found me!

What are your current hurdles?
How can I help you?

As a spiritual wellbeing life coach, I have been successfully supporting and guiding people towards an inspiring, value-conscious life of strength and self-worth in all areas of life for more than 15 years.

What´s more:

Clarity and awareness are the key to your heart´s treasure and thus to your personal successful achievement of goals in relationships & partnerships, family & marriage, career & vocation!

I have been gifted with very clear, intuitive spiritual abilities since my earliest childhood. I experience this in a very tangible way:

- People and animals feel noticeably better after I touch them or spend some time in their presence.

- The view into the timeline of your life, which is colourfully revealed to me in the perception of the aura of colours and smells, the time lines and spiral changes of levels.

- I perceive the soul equilibrium and the character structure of people and animals very intensively and get a clear picture of your possibilities and what you really want to live!

My spiritual tools for you:

- Asian wisdom
- Kabbalistic wisdom
- Numerology
- Various card decks
- Counselling with colours
- A look into your soul equilibrium
- A look into the timeline of your life
- The soul menorah (release from karmic structures/correction)
- Classical and kabbalistic astrology

Further tools for you:

- Management trainer
- Life coach
- Aura-Soma
- Nutritional counsellor
- Fitness & wellness trainer
- TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Couples counselling
- and even more... - Let me surprise you!

And now it´s time for you to call me!

With all my heart

Your Raffaela

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Hello and thank you so much for checking out my profile.
You’re exactly where you should be right now.

My name is Constance. I am the blind coach.

I was born without sight, but I see clearer than who has eyes at least when I’m not stressed, which I hardly ever do.

As a psychological and spiritual counselor and coach, I am your shortcut to get from where you are right now to where you want to be tomorrow faster and smoother.
No matter if it’s about love and your relationship or your professional fulfillment, or if there are other worries on your mind. I’ll hold your hand when times are rough and I’ll push you when you feel stuck so that you can move on.

Yes, I see more than most and no, not every question can be answered.
Sometimes you need a lawyer or a doctor not a coach.
No matter how spiritual we are, I will never overstep my boundaries as a human being.

For 10 years, I was the leader of a global franchise business. It was my father‘s business and I was there to help our partners when they had trouble with customers or employees. And I had a radio show for 20 years. I served people when it came to love and relationships.

As a blind woman, I am super fulfilled in my job. I have the most amazing relationship and I have a lifestyle that serves my body spirit and soul. If I can do that, you can do that.

I offer life coaching Card reading Pendulum, Oracle Board listening, laughing making plans in finding out the truth!
Also I can clear up energetic, blockages you might have.

Looking very much for to getting to know you.

With Love,

Your Constanze

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Visionary Astrologer! Precise relationship analyses & profound insights. Exclusive support in love, relationships, career & finances! Numerology, white magic & rituals! Dont hesitate! Seize your chance for a more fulfilling life!

Good day and welcome!

My name is Ben, and I am excited to accompany you on your journey through life. With advice and valuable tips, I am with you in all situations of life as a supportive pillar.

Astrology has been a mysterious and fascinating science for millennia, associated with the world of stars and planets. It provides insights into our personalities and destinies, and also into our relationships. The ascendant, as well as the sun and moon position, are important in this. For me, the birth date is also a significant aspect to better understand you.

Astrology is a way to understand ourselves better and to shape life more consciously. I have completed training in classical astrology and offer the opportunity to support you and accompany you as best as possible in your life situations with the knowledge of the stars. I am also happy to look at your family members and together we discuss what the possibilities aries for your loved ones.

By exploring various aspects of astrology, such as natal charts, transcendental astrology, aspect teaching, annual forecasts, and synastry (partnership comparison), I can penetrate the hidden areas of your subconscious, build profound understanding, and cause changes in your life.

Numerology is another source of knowledge for me, that helps me to recognize patterns and connections in our life. It makes me understand what life number we have. Each number has its own meaning and can provide deep insights into our existence. I support you in deciphering your life number and making its meaning clear and understandable for you.

The runes, the archaic alphabet of the Germanic and Viking people, are a tool of divination and self-awareness.

For me, white magic is a spiritual method that focuses on the use of positive energies and intentions. My practice of white magic aims to promote protection and prosperity while bringing love and harmony into your life.

Furthermore, I use the planetary constellations to assist you in performing rituals. I am familiar with many topics; so if you have questions about love, finances, talents, career and profession, sexuality, karma, and life purpose, I am very happy to consult you with my professional support as an astrological coach.

Additionally, an open and honest exchange is very important to me. Therefore, I will tell you specifically what is possible in your situation.

I look forward to your call and getting to know you.

Best regards,

Your Astrologer Ben

© Future View Ltd.

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Hello, I´m Erika.

Even in my youth I was fascinated by cards and looking into the future. I learnt the old Russian methods of card reading from my grandmother with great interest. I discovered my special talent and have been using it to help other people ever since.

Through my father´s impressive knowledge of Kabbalah, who is well versed in the mystical tradition of Judaism, I gained insights into how I can use Kabbalah to fulfil wishes.

From the very beginning, my desire was to support people on their journey through life. I therefore also acquired knowledge in couples and sex coaching.

In the course of my psychotherapeutic training, my goal crystallised: to support people on the various levels of their mind and soul.

I learnt and perfected the body scan method through numerous further training courses, my pronounced empathy and my clairvoyance. Each of us carries accumulated energy in our bodies, which often blocks our potential. It is important to release and transform these energies from time to time. I am here to help you with this. Together we will scan your body, identify unwanted accumulations of energy and remove them so that you can get back into the flow of life.

I approach every problem with an open mind. Together we will find solutions for your current situation, take a look into the future, cleanse your chakras and remove blockages. I am also happy to integrate the Kabbalah to fulfil your wishes.

I am here for you at any time and look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you.

All the best for you.

Your Erika

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Selbsthilfe-Organisation für betroffene Familien. Die Kinderkrebshilfe Schweiz ist eine Selbsthilfe-Organisation und wurde 1987 gegründet. Sie unterstützt betroffene Familien beratend, informierend, finanziell und mit vielen verschiedenen Infos.
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